Privacy Policy

Data collected

The following data can be configured by the user in Visual to enable the function of the app:

Configuration data for the external devices and web services (e.g., connection data, user names, passwords)

This data is only stored on the iOS device or synchronized via the user's iCloud account between iOS devices. The data will not be passed on to the developer or third parties. There is also no server-side data processing.

Analytics (V1.6 and up)

Visual collects since version 1.6 anonymously app usage data only after the user consented:

    •    Used endpoint types

    •    Used widget types

No personal data is collected and the user consent can be rejected (or given) at any time in the app settings.

Personal data

Personal data (eg name, e-mail address, telephone number) will only be collected, stored and processed if you provide the developer with this data through an explicit e-mail request. The developer uses this data solely for the fulfillment and processing of your request or for the transmission of directly related information. Personal data will never be disclosed to third parties.

Advertising (only V1.0 to V1.2)

Visual provides advertising through the Google Mobile Ads Network (AdMob).

Depending on the user's iOS settings, the Ad-ID of the iOS device can be used to display personalized ads. Google's privacy policy applies (see here). The developer has no access at any time to the collected personal data.

In-app purchases and subscriptions

Visual V1.0 - V1.2: In the standard version, Visual is free and displays ads at the bottom of the screen. If you want an ad-free dashboard, you can complete a monthly renewal subscription for € 1.49 here via In-App Purchasing.

Visual V1.3 and up: This version is ad-free by default. In addition a monthly subscription for € 1.49 can be purchased to unlock advanced features. Previous buyers of the Ad-Free subscriptions automatically get these features unlocked, too!
The features mainly target users with Large SmartHome setups:

    -    Multi column dashboard

    -    Search and filter datapoints

    -    Import scenes (from selected endpoints)

    -    Debug-Logging for all endpoints helps solving issues

Contact Person

Please direct questions to the developer of the app: